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I found some surprising results forcing nature photos into tesselated patterns, forcing each edge to merge with the edge at the flip side of the image. Especially amazing is how the brain then interacts with the graphical components of these tiled images, attempting to label and make sense out of them like, oh that one's a cathedral ceiling made of lilies, or that one looks like an Indian blanket, or the shadowy stripes in that one suggest tigers.

Tesselated patterof late spring ice and twigs

Tesselation of Naked Lady (Belladona) Lily

Tesselation of winter scene with clouds, reflections, and black spruce spires

Late winter tesselation of northern forest scene, looks like tiger stripes

Tesselation of late winter forest, snow and trees merge to create a mystical pattern

Tesselation of yellow lilies creates pattern that suggests an organic cathedral ceiling

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