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Ripples and swirls painted by breeze and evening sun on small lake.

Birch forest leafy green reflected in lake

Canoe ready to launch through grass at edge of lake

Summer storm clouds reflected in lake

Cloud reflections in lake with grass clumps

The frozen ice of winter is a distant memory; fading vapor trails hint at the high altitude air travel 'highway.'

Motor home idles by Summit Lake, Talkeetna Mountains, early autumn

Matanuska Peak in background. Late September, the predominantly birch forest is becoming a rich golden color.

Perfect reflection of forest 'bones' before the snow falls, shows fractal dimension of the woods.

Tawny red carpet of fallen leaves reflected in lake along with white birch trunk 'bones'; wind adds its own whimisical squiggles...

Along a tributary to the matanuska River, looking northeast towards Matanuska Peak, barely visible in the clouds and fog.

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