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Alaska Forests: woods moods

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woods moods

Fractal composition of bark across this probably fungal or insect-caused wooden growth.

The proverbial 'Fall Colors' right up close. Notice moss on the dead and fallen birch, highbush cranberry and cow parsnip leaves.

And after a soaking rain the same lichen will transform to a bright green.

Two highbush cranberries nestle in speckled, mottly leaves turn from summer green to autumn reds.

Autumn still life at the base of a birch tree.

Fairy slipper, a small northern orchid blooms briefly in early spring.

During periods without rainfall or moisture these lichens become gray and dry.

Two birch, twisting together and reaching for the sky, competing for light with all the other forest trees.

These moss and lichen covered trees have worked out a system of lending support to each other.

A winter with no snow gave a weirdly eerie ambience to the forest.

Lichen inhabited willow trunk in sunshine after a late winter rain.

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