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Backlit dandelion seed head surrounded by deep shadow. A time-removed mirror of its former self (see upper left corner of image).

Cosmos at end of sumer, raggedy. Memories.

Color and texture in the cascade of late Autumn petals.

Delphinium Seed Pods: Sturdy capsules waiting for the wind and wild birds to tip the seeds out.

Cow Parsnip suggests great monuments. This stinky plant grows over six feet tall in one season with a stem that supports huge tropical looking leaves and a great umbelliferous bloom.

In the syrupy light of late summer this marigold, home to a spider, is showing age and foreshadowing the end of Fall.

Like an urn on a stalk, this annual poppy's seed pod is a container for the next generation.

Late Fall and this poppy is still trying to get one more bloom but fighting the elements, frost being one of them!

Dew laden crabapple leaf in early morning sunlight, bearing the history of a bird or insect's munching.

A collection of crabapple leaves -- the color of the season.

Early October and late Fall in southcentral Alaska. Frost covered rose-colored Aster is barely there.

Ornamental chokecherry leaves backlit by early morning sun with melting frost.

Borage that didn't finish blooming in time (does it ever?). The buds and blossoms are encased in a thick coating of ice on this October morning.

In the early morning light a dill blossom, hangs heavily, thickly coated with ice.

By no accounts should there have been any color in this Aster in November -- but here it is --  decorated with big geometric ice crystals, awaiting its demise.

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