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Items added in 2005 and 2006: forest  mountains  garden   day length, weather, etc.

Items added in 2001
Climb The Butte, 881 feet above sea level. The trail is steep but you are rewarded with a terrific 360 degree view and, on June 13, 2001, there was an added bonus of thousands of wild roses, blooming.

Hike to Thunderbird Falls An easy hike on a wide graveled trail, two miles round trip. Take the Eklutna Exit from the Glenn Highway (north of Anchorage, Alaska and south of Palmer, Alaska)... (added 6/10/01)

Experience the green of the northern forest. Follow a virtual hike along the trails around Matanuska Lake and Kepler Lake on June 29, 2000. Kepler-Bradley Lakes State Recreation Area is a day use area in the Matanuska Valley about 6 miles south of Palmer, Alaska. The trails are pleasant and the walking easy. Bring mosquito repellent. (added 5/19/01)

Hike to Reed Lakes, Talkeetna Mountains (added 4/14/01)

Web Cam History - Now some of the BEST of 2000 and 2001 on one page! (added 4/13/01)

Northern Lights, Palmer, Alaska (3/31/01) & Hints on Photographing Aurora with a Digital Camera (added 4/1/01)

Resources for Planning a Night Sky Party (added 3/30/01)

Cross-country Skiing the Crevasse Moraine Trail System (added 3/27/01)

Matanuska Valley Stopover for Migratory Birds (added 3/27/01)

Drives - Portage Lake/Glacier, the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel and Whittier (added 3/20/01)

Look Outside - What to Look For (added 3/19/01)

Early Autumn Colors near Summit Lake, Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska (added 3/18/01)

Satellite Weather, Star Map and Web Cam Links (added 3/17/01)

Early Summer Hike to Gold Cord Lake (added 3/14/01)

Spring comes late at the 3500 foot level of Hatcher Pass (added 3/10/01)

Added Great Gray Owl, Pine Grosbeak and Bohemian Waxwing to Winter Birds Page (added 2/21/01)

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