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Is this evidence of global warming? Or perhaps of polar warming?

The web cam has been diligently uploading images most days since April 2000. Admittedly it doesn't have the most exciting or dynamic view--rarely are passing cars actually captured in the web cam image, people walk past but they hardly ever appear in the images. However, the web cam does provide a window into the weather and seasons. It is located a few miles north of Palmer, Alaska at about latitude 61. In 2000 I manually saved, indexed and annotated images of spring. For instance, in 2000 green grass appeared about May 10, this year (2005) green grass was visible in the web cam image on May 1.

Images are added every six hours at about 2:00AM, 8:00AM, 2:00PM and 8:00PM Alaska Time. Alaska is on double daylight saving time so 2:00 AM is roughly the equivalent of midnight sun time and 2:00PM is about noon sun time. (Note: multiple images with the same time for June 3 resulted because of the lightening strike that took out phone lines and Internet access.)

   Summer Solstice & Double Daylight Savings Time

Web Cam Image Archive:

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