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Photo of Matanuska GlacierSince it's winter, February, some parts of the Matanuska Valley experience persistent winter winds which blow from the northeast, giving every indication that they originate in the vicinity of the Matanuska Glacier, about 45 miles away and are funneled through the Matanuska River Valley.

Wind is a force of nature which sculps and shapes the landscape, from raggedly eroding the tops of mountains to moving soil, stripping it from some areas, depositing thick layers of top soil (called loess) in others. Winter is the perfect time to study the power of the wind:

Watch for sculpted snow and drifts Wind Sulpted Snow

Watch for "dirty" snow where wind-blown glacial silt has filtered out of wind stream (Alternative Page Layout)

Watch for "flagging" along the mountain peaks.

On the gloomier side, watch for winds that strip top soils from unprotected fields. winter wind picks silt up from unprotected field

watch for spectacular snapping and flowing of the American Flag in Wind at the Post Office.

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