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Wildflower in Southcentral Alaska
Some dates these flowers have been seen blooming.

2005-2006 - forest web log

When wildflowers bloom depend on various factors including temperature, cloudiness or the flip-side degree days, late season snow pack, and elevation. For example, compare the Anemone (5/8/99) which was observed slightly above sea level and Anemone (6/27/99) which was seen at over 3,000 feet elevation. Difference of six weeks in blooming dates. Sometimes the same flowers, such as the Anemone, can be seen at low elevations as well as in the mountains. Other flowers are only found at lower elevations or at higher elevations. Some are very common and considered weeds (Cow Parsnip, 7/1/99 for instance), no one gives them a second look. Others seem to be exceptional, such as the Chocolate Lily. Some wildflowers cross the line between wild and domestic and find their way into the Perennial Garden. These can be excellent choices for gardeners looking for hardy plants and some nurseries sell these hardy perennials. ...Alaska Perennial Garden...

June 27, 1999 The wildflowers are blooming at higher elevations in the Talkeetna Mountains. Here are a few seen near the road to Independence Mine and Hatcher Pass. (More on the Hatcher Pass area.) Anemone
Chocolate Lily
Dwarf Fireweed
Yellow Paintbrush

Mourning Cloak Butterfly on Rose Tree of China Blossom

Some Wildflowers found in the Matanuska Valley and Talkeetna Mountains: Anemone (5/8/99)
Baneberry (6/4/99)*
Bluebells of Scotland (7/14/99)
Chiming Bells (6/14/99)*
Columbine (6/14/99)
Cow Parsnip, 7/1/99*
Dwarf Dogwood (6/26/99)*
Fairy Slipper (5/16/99)*
Geranium (6/14/99)*
Iris (6/22/99)
Jacob's Ladder (6/4/99)
Large-Flowered Wintergreen (6/4/99)

Larkspur (7/16/99
Lily of the Valley (6/14/99)
Lupine (6/24/99)
Mouse Ear Chickweed (5/27/01)
Northern Red Currant (5/16/99)*
Oxytrope (5/27/01)
Potentilla (6/4/99)
Prickly Rose (6/14/99)*
Serviceberry (5/27/01)
Starflower (6/4/99)*
Trollius (5/31/99)
Twin Flower (6/26/99)*
White Lady's Slipper (6/26/99)
Wintergreen (7/1/99)*

* Flowers marked by an asterisk (*) are native to the forest which I've been observing. See web log forest entries for 2005.


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