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Early Autumn Colors near Summit Lake, Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska
September 5, 2000

A cloudy, still, moody day may be the best to view and photograph the vibrant high elevation fall colors. These don't last long so timing is everything! (Map)
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View to East Near Summit Lake, Hatcher Pass
View to east near Summit Lake, Hatcher Pass
Small Waterfall near Summit Lake
Small waterfall near Summit Lake
Small Waterfall in Natural Setting
Water tumbles through jumble of stones and lichens
Summit Lake
A chill Autumn wind stirs the surface of Summit Lake..
Alpine Bearberry
Alpine Bearberry drifts red across mountain slope
Hikers at Summit Lake
Summit Lake attracts hikers even on a chill fall day.

Alpine Bearberry and Lichens
Alpine Bearberry and lichens

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