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Gold Cord Lake, June 24, 2000

It's a gorgeous day at 4,000 feet in the Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska but reminders of winter are everywhere! Click an image below to go to the slide show.

Gold Cord Lake
Gold Cord Lake Independence Bowl Ridge above Gold Cord Lake

It takes a little less than an hour to hike to Gold Cord Lake from the parking lot to Independence Mine Historic Park. If the road to the mine is closed, it will take longer because the nearest parking is near Hatcher Pass Lodge, about a mile further.

This hike includes a steep stretch but spectacular scenery awaits you at the end of the climb. (Or perhaps the mid-point of the climb for the ultra-fit with good hiking boots who wish to go to the top of the ridge.) However, Summer comes slow at 4,100 feet. We slogged across areas of melting snow and running water as well as deep-packed snow near the lake on June 24th. The lake was still mostly covered with snow and ice.

From the top of the trail to Gold Cord Lake there is a spectacular panoramic view of the Independence Valley.

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