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Skiing Crevasse Moraine Trails in March
Matanuska Valley, Alaska

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Cross-Country Ski Trials at Crevasse Moraine - Matanuska Valley - Alaska

Cross-Country Ski Trials at Crevasse Moraine - Matanuska Valley - Alaska
Plenty of challenging hills
Beautiful Scenery
Set Tracks

Near Long Lake the opportunity to break trail

The Crevasse Moraine trail system consists of 5-irregular loops and a connecting link to Long lake trail in the Kepler-Bradley Lakes State Recreation Area. Motor vehicles are not allowed.

On March 3rd, we skied from the Crevasse Moraine trailhead to Long Lake. Most of the connecting trail, after leaving the main trail loops at Crevasse Moraine, was only groomed for classical skiing. The groomed portion of the trail ended at an uphill "T." We took a left at the "T" and followed a game trail, including a bit of hiking where the snow was thin, the hills steep and the forest thick. Skiing these challenging trails is better when there is fresh powder, good traction, and new tracks set; worse when the snow is old, hard and icy!

March 27, 2001 Note on Snow Conditions: The snow is melting fast and there probably won't be any more skiing at Crevasse Moraine until (with luck) October or November. (Check our web cam which is somewhat higher in elevation and about 2 1/2 miles as the crow flies from Crevasse Moraine.)

Driving Directions: Crevasse Moraine trailhead is located off Loma Prieta Drive, Mile 1.9 Palmer/Wasilla Highway. (Start measuring the distance from the intersection with the Glenn Highway in Palmer.) Crevasse Moraine trails are groomed for track and skate skiing throughout winter as weather and snow conditions permit.

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